LSPA SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS SERVICE having focus on customer , technology and multi-specialist transport system in the Indian market. We have very soft commitment towards our clients and pursuit of value-based policies to satisfy customers, employees and our industries. We always believe that brand is always a living entity and our behavior is governed by a set of values communicated by our organization.

Management :- Having 25 years of experience in different services and manufacturing industries in Indian and international market.

Foundation year :- 2017

Branches :- Kolkata, Patna, Ranchi, Lucknow, Guwahati, Mumbai

We aspire to be a creative and innovative leader in transportation solutions, to transcend in the industry, and truly become an eminent business moving forward. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative and efficient processes and reach into new markets as a transportation company. We differentiate our solutions based on our in-depth customer understanding, strong focus on market needs.

LSPA SHIPPING & LOGISTICS SERVICE offers transport, outbound and disposal logistics service, customized to the needs of our customers and their whole supply chain.

Assignment to call center :- LSPA have more and more involvement in the order processing of its customers to generate cost time and labor benefit. All orders can be taken by our assignment call center via phone, email, fax and internet. We have managed all transportation movement from dispatched to handover of materials our ERP system can generate a link can provide all necessary information to answer for instance a request for delivery or transport status up to date.

Tracking and Tracing :- Wholesales shipment tracking is getting more and more important. Our online tracking and tracing to all suppliers transport application can be monitored by the customer. This system provides you with up to date information about the delivery status and complete shipment history. This way you can follow your order in detail with the help of our system. Our electronics POD/ proof of delivery provides you with online access to all of your order shipment documents. The electronics shipment date is completed by signature and the name of the consignment in bold letter.

We have network of all transport carriers and our electronically controlled services guarantee a smooth execution. Your consignment will reach their destination without incident and you will be able to follow them at every step of the way.

Procurement logistics deals with all logistics concerning the flow of goods, preparation, execution, and monitoring from supplies to recipient.

Outbound logistics is the great part of the supply chain ensuring the delivery of the goods to the various merchants. For a joint success meeting, the agreed condition like lead timely, reliability and quality is essential. Therefore the logistics costs should be transparent and calculable at all time.

Sea freight :- Today cargo transportation by sea is economically way of hauling intercontinental works all over the globe. Offer Company offers its customers a complete sea freight procedure through an international network and with local contract service. We transport your boxes from every place on earth to the customer, including settlement of all clearance formatting and of necessary unloading of the contrariness at one of our branches.

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1000+  - Truck, Tailor, and Containers.

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We committed to timely placement of truck.

We committed to timely and safely delivery of materials.

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