LSPA Power is a renowned solar engineering company in India. We are also growing in EPC contracting and end to end solution to our clients. We are providing the services in following area.

  1. Business solution for solar power- LSPA Power has worked with the small and large organization in the world to provide green energy solution for your business. We are providing the technology for how you can reduce your electricity bills and build eco friendly solution.
  2. Our solution to power producers-LSPA power experience and expertise in integrated and customized solar power plant projects. We are providing our solution from 1 MW-100 MW power plant to our client for providing of electricity.
  3. Operation & Maintenance-We are also providing solution after installation for maintenance of plant. We have two types of solution. 1) Annual maintenance package. 2) Uptime management.
  4. Rooftop solutions- We are providing rooftop solar power solution for residential, commercial & industrial, Institutional organization. We are providing grid tie system and off grid system for Rooftop.
  5. Solar Water Pumps- This system become more popular in rural area and also government of India also focusing to installated this system in rural area for smoot power system in irrigation. Every one know that villager working hard to water due to unpredictable timing of rain in so many country.

Our solar power water pump system are low coast solution and to get water at very low coast. There are so many benefit of solar water solution pump are easy installation at your desired place, Long operating life, High reliable at durable, Eco friendly, Very easy to operate and maintain, No fuel required.

We provide in different ranges submersible water pump with complete solutions.

LSPA Power providing submersible pumps for the field of irrigation or supplying portable water for your communities, while drawing water from under ground water source like bore well or pumps. We provide different range and types.


AC Pumps:-

LSPA Solar Power 1 HP-AC-Submersible

LSPA Solar Power 2 HP-AC-Submersible

LSPA Solar Power 3 HP-AC-Submersible

LSPA Solar Power 4 HP-AC-Submersible

DC Pumps:-

LSPA Solar Power 1 HP-DC-Submersible

LSPA Solar Power 2 HP-DC-Submersible

LSPA Solar Power 3 HP-DC-Submersible

LSPA Solar Power 4 HP-DC-Submersible

We are also providing surface water pump solution.

AC Pumps:-

LSPA Solar Power 1 HP-AC-Surface

LSPA Solar Power 2 HP-AC-Surface

LSPA Solar Power 3 HP-AC-Surface

LSPA Solar Power 4 HP-AC-Surface

DC Pumps:-

LSPA Solar 1 HP DC surface

LSPA Solar 2 HP DC surface